High Watch Recovery Center

Established in 1940 as the world’s first 12-Step treatment center, High Watch Recovery Center is a historic residential medical facility set in Connecticut’s breathtaking Litchfield Hills. Our task to redesign the website was carefully thought-out to honor its reputation and rich history, all while keeping in mind the varied target audience. Beginning with a site visit and photoshoot, we began with a complete overhaul of the site map and navigation. The user-friendly mega drop-down navigation element gives users a glimpse into the website from the homepage, while the big beautiful imagery offers a sense of the tranquility of the High Watch Recovery Center grounds. The website is fully-responsive, ensuring an easy-to-navigate experience whether viewed on a desktop computer, mobile phone, or tablet. Developed on the WordPress platform, the client is already taking advantage of the CMS back-end, updating content, events, gallery images and more. Read the blog post here.