Greenpoint Chamber


The Greenpoint Chamber of Commerce unites and advocates for the businesses of North Brooklyn around the shared goal of improving the community’s commercial landscape and stimulating the local economy. The organization is dedicated to supporting local businesses by providing a platform to network, address issues of mutual convern and to market their products and services, leading to increased business for all members. In creating an identity for the Greenpoint Chamber, we researched and considered regionally-specific, iconic elements of Greenpoint, Williamsburg, and Bushwick, the Brooklyn neighborhoods that the Chamber encompasses. One of the most ubiquitous structures in North Brooklyn is the water tower, and we decided to take this representative element in a unique direction by focusing on its intersecting support cables. The sense of movement and connection created by this pattern represents the diversity of the neighborhoods and the junction between businesses and the Greenpoint Chamber. We placed these lines over a slab-serif capital letter G,  forming an icon that embodies the dynamic, edgy feel of the area and the themes of the Chamber’s mission. We’re so proud to be a part of this local organization and we look forward to creating more work in our continued partnership with them.