Sharing Our Love for NYC at Photoville, Our Latest Website Launch, and More!



Today, we’re taking time to reflect on this anniversary, thinking of the families who lost their loved ones, the brave souls who risked their lives to save others, and remembering the strength we have when we come together to help each other. We love New York, we’re proud to be part of its diverse, completely unique creative community, and we’re lucky to work with so many amazing, innovative clients based in our great city. Earlier this week, we launched the website we designed and developed for the Flying Carpet Theatre, a dynamic theatre company that calls Queens home. The site we created for them back in 2012 was in need of an upgrade– you can read about our process behind this fun and challenging project in our previous in-depth blog post.

Links that Inspired Us This Week

• These photos of a miraculous rainbow forming from the Freedom Tower

• The quirky one-colored illustrated details in the rebranding and packaging of Sweden’s Pågen Bakery

• An inspiring podcast from The Distance about three generations of Grado Labs

Around the Neighborhood

This weekend is Photoville, United Photo Industries’ annual free-to-the-public event at Brooklyn Bridge Park that features over 50 photo exhibitions and installations displayed in repurposed shipping containers. This year’s Photoville includes our own NYC-centric photography series, Faces of the Ferry. On August 26, we took our camera onto the East River Ferry to take pictures of and hear stories from its riders. Our exhibition, which we also branded, offers a glimpse into the wide range of people who interact with the ferry on any given day. Photoville’s gates are open today from 4pm-10pm, on Saturday (9/12) from 12pm-10pm, Sunday (9/13) from 12pm-8:30pm, and at these same hours next weekend. Along with thought-provoking photography, the event also includes cool activities from sponsors like the New York Times and PBS– check out their full schedule for details! Did we mention there’s also a Smorgasburg beer garden?

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