MCo. Weekly Round-Up: Studio Photoshoot, Our Latest Website Launch, & More!



Today we’ve been having fun with a studio photoshoot for the new site. Our own brand, website, and space are ever-evolving projects, and we’re psyched about our team’s new ideas and the changes we have in store this year. We launched the High Watch Recovery Center website earlier this week, and we’re so happy with the end product. The redesign is a clean, fully responsive site that provides visitors with comprehensive information in an easy-to-navigate interface, while honoring the recovery center’s rich history and portraying the serenity of their grounds. Take a behind-the-scenes look at our creative process in the previous blog post.

Links that Inspired Us This Week

Around the Neighborhood

There are plenty of celebrations of Martin Luther King Jr.’s life around Brooklyn this holiday weekend. On Monday, head to BAM for New York City’s largest public celebration of the civil rights leader. The event is now in its 29th year and features keynote speaker Dr. Cornel West, with music from New York Fellowship Mass Choir and Sandra St. Victor and Oya’s daughter.

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