Introducing The McMillianCo. Shop, The East River Ferry Super Bowl Contest, & More!



After a rather underwhelming blizzard (we were expecting at least the caliber of 2011’s snowfall!), we had a productive week at the McMillianCo. studio. We debuted the brand identity we’ve been developing for Evergreen: Your North Brooklyn Business Exchange, a comprehensive resource for manufacturing and industrial service businesses since 1982. Check out our previous blog post for an in-depth look behind our logo concept for this local organization! A special delivery arrived at our office— Design and Design’s Book of the Year, Vol. 7, which includes our design work for Taste of the Lower East Side, SONYA, and Curious Jane. This week also marked the launch of the McMillianCo. Shop, where you can purchase merch featuring our original designs. We’re stoked about this latest addition to our new site!

Links that Inspired Us This Week

Around the Neighborhood

Are you planning on watching the Super Bowl? Do you have a strong stance on recent football air pressure controversies? Do you even know who’s playing? Regardless of your answers , there are plenty of venues throughout Brooklyn to eat, drink, and watch good ol’ American football this Sunday. If you think you can guess who will win and what the final score will be, you could win an iPad mini  from the East River Ferry’s latest contest! The borough has also been abuzz about the recent, drastic restoration of the historic Kings Theatre, which has been closed since 1977. The theatre reopened last weekend, and the photos are stunningly beautiful. We’ll definitely be trying to check out an event there this year.

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