An Identity for Skyport NYC



Skyport NYC is New York City’s only seaplane terminal located on the lower East River, at the foot of East 23rd Street between Waterside Plaza and Stuyvesant Cove Park. As it is a key waterfront asset in NYC, the need arose for a unique identity, that will reflect its value in the East River.






The logo icon combines both a ship’s wheel and a seaplane propeller. The nautical representation of the waterfront along with the typical seaplane propeller creates a solid link between the berthing site and its primary use. The distinct iconography has a touch of quirkiness, and when used in a strictly black and white palette a certain elegance is retained, creating a unique and memorable mark.


We paired the icon with an all-caps, sophisticated sans-serif font to strengthen its clean sophistication. We’re looking forward to rolling this out with on-site signage, marketing materials and a minisite. Stay tuned!